How We Met: ‘Her Gorgeous Walking Won Me Over’

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, has rolled out a promotion that is opened to any person of sound mind and in a relationship to share their romantic moments with us.

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In today’s episode, we had the chance to listen to another interesting love story refracted from the perspective of an Immigration officer who simply gave his name as Chapters Junior.

His spouse’s name is Efya Bruwaah, a student studying midwifery and together, they have been courting for 9-years now. Chapters told us that what attracted him to his woman is the way she walks.

He said they after having their first date at restaurant in East Legon, he took the initiative to propose to Efya and to his delight, his proposal was accepted during prep hours in senior high school.

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According to Chapters, the first time he shared a kiss with Efya was right in school during light out but unfortunately light was restored and he was caught red-handed by his friend called Alonso.

He adds that their respective parents have been notified about the relationship; his mom met her in 2016 and he also met her two years later.

On how they solve their problems, Chapters said one Beatrice (the ‘betweener’ who helped him win Efya) often mediate when they have issues but he tries as much possible to handle things himself sometimes.

He goes further on to say the love they share together is illustrated by the quality time and care they mutually have.

On how many kids they want to have, he said he prefers two boys and a girl. His favourite food, is plantain and chicken stew. The colour yellow appeals to him more and his favoutrite team is Manchester United.

Efya prefers pink, Chealse FC and yam & vegetable stew. They both want to go to Dubai one day to put a spark in their love life one day.