CEO of Lynx Entertainment has said for the umpteenth time that he does not f#ck his female artists and has echoed that again in a new interview. There’s a widespread belief that the good looking former musician has been having affair with Mzvee and other female artists he has managed.

However, Richie says it’s a big mistake for a manager to mix business with pleasure and that sleeping with one’s artist could spell for the business. Richie revealed this during an interview with Amansan Krakye on Radio Central, whilst admitting that has often been accused on several occasions that he is sleeping with his female artistes.

“I have been getting several allegations that I’m sleeping with my artistes but anyone close to me knows I wouldn’t do that”, he lamented. He therefore advised and warned managers about the consequences of sleeping with their female artiste.

“It doesn’t help work. When you do that the work fails at the end”, he advised. Richie Mensah has managed female artists like Eazzy, Irene Logan, MzVee, Feli Nuna among others.



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