We live in a time of prophecies, importantly damning ones— those that does not talk about riches, long life, eternal bliss and and utmost success but those that would leave people in a state of panic.

During the 31st All-Night service, many were revealed and we are still trying to make head way with them. Prophet Reindolph Oduro Gyebi , the founder and leader of  God’s Crown Chapel revealed that the Swedru based musical act Patapaa might not live to see the end of the year of he is not extra cautious.

He claims, the one corner hit maker would be poisoned. In the latest news, he says he did not actually prophesied for his death. And all he said was to warn him of what might go hapless.

“I never said Patapaa will die, I was only instructed by God to warn him to be careful about the people he mingles with since God is about to elevate him to glory. It was revealed only to me that, People from his own camp will try to poison him out of jealousy and he should be very careful” he clears the air.


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