A Nigerian lady has revealed how one driver who was transporting her asked her to do him a favour so he could get the chance to go and fight another driver right in the middle of their journey.


The young woman revealed that while on the bus, the driver asked her to put her leg on the brake so that he can go and beat someone. Taking to her Twitter account, @___ekababy shared a photo of her left leg firmly placed on the brake as the driver was nowhere to be found.

She tweeted; ”Driver says make I help am match brake, make ego beat person. This Lagos tire me.”

In other news, Twitter influencer Oge Nsimah has asked women never to use sex to reciprocate a kind gesture extended to them by men.

In a recent post on Facebook, Oge who is also a Real Estate Consultant told ladies not be feel awkward or be under obligation to sleep with a man who is spending money on them.

She argued that sex is not a reward from a lady to a man and a man can still leave a lady after sleeping with her. She continued that if a man leaves after laying with a lady, it simply implies that he was never connected with her.

Oge wrote;

Don’t feel obligated to have sxx with a man because he is spending money on you, ..Dont use sxx as a reward to reciprocate good wills.
Sxx is not a reward!!
And if a man ghost you because of this,
He is never connected to you in any way
All he wanted is to spend money on you and have a taste of your beautiful body.
You can date without having sxx, its will help you make informed decisions..Dont let anyone pressure you.
Oge Nsimah

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com


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