A man’s worst fears became his nightmare when he found that his 10-year old son was not his biological son after all. The man, who always suspected something was amiss somewhere as regard the boy’s paternity, went for a DNA test to confirm his suspicion.

According to a Twitter user Man’s Not Barry Roux (@AdvBarryRoux) who shared the story, the man was devastated to learn the truth although he still loved the boy.

Some social media users advised him to keep the child and pretend nothing has happened. However, there were others who called on him to take the mother to task for her infidelity and deception.

See some reactions below:

Rawson Sales Patner (@GodfreyN22) commented, “I would make sure the mother knows that I know of her infidelity, but keep it a secret from the boy until he is older it’s not his fault.”


Bheki CEO (@Bheki_CEO) added, “You may not be the father but you are the dad. Continue with the relationship with your God given son. Write down the discovery, how you felt when you found out and state your intentions. State the date of this discovery. Present it to him later in his life when he is an adult.”

@pohmthokoh said, “But our justice system should punish women for this.”

Bra J (@Bra_J) said, “My guy you started this suspicions now you know the truth handle it like a man and confront the perpetrator and the innocent kid with the truth they deserve to know… While on it test the other kids too before she tells you the real thing.”


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