You have really not seen it all- the modern world is full of jaw dropping events and tales that keep compounding the complexities of life and our existence on planet earth.

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The dynamics of people’s sexuality and their orientation throw the surprise package at us always, keeping us wondering what’s gonna drop next.

Men now have sex with animals from snakes, zebras, horses to just anything with a vagina.

Just last week, I made a report (sourced from the internet) about one Chinese man who came all the way to Africa to purchase a cockroach he later took as his girlfriend- now, that’s weird, tight?

But that’s nothing compared to what is contained in this report. This man called Davecat is hooked on to a doll as a girlfriend and he does everything with her as though it was a human being.

Yeah- Davecat dresses her up, kisses her and even has sex with her, revealing in an interview that there’s no human he can compare his doll with. Like SERIOUSLY?

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Just watch the video below for full details;



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