Popular Ghanaian TV show host, Akumaa Mama Zimbi in a recent interview indicated that her husband has no problem with what she does on TV.

Noted for her show, ‘Odo Ahomasuo’, which is rated 18+, she teaches her viewers how to satisfy their partners in bed.

Speaking in the interview, Akumaa indicated that she had to seek permission from her husband before starting the show so her husband is in full support of her show.

“The thing is, I was married for so many years before I got into showbiz, so my husband and children knew me for who I was. But those outside my family see fault with what I’m doing. What’s evil about the education I’m giving?


When I got married, I wasn’t doing those things but with my husband’s permission, I went into it because it is something I am passionate about,” she said.


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