The National Chief Imam Sheikh Osman Nuhu Shaributu in a released has suspended his aide Alhaji Khuzaimah Osman for his involvement in land disputes land litigation in Accra.

According to the statement sighted by Alhaji Khuzaimah Osman has been released from all other positions he was occupying.

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“Alhaji Khuzaimah Osman henceforth ceases to be the P.A. to the national Chief Imam, the Executive Director of Sunset Fund, I.P.A.S.E.C, and all other positions he holds on behalf of his Eminence the National Chief Imam.”

Alhaji Khuzaimah is alleged to have used the name of the Chief Muslim Cleric in acquiring land in the Ablekuma area which The Chief Imam had no knowledge about it.


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