Nigerian Pencil Sketch Artist Wins The Heart Of Model Winnie Harlow and President Donald Trump

Nigerian born, London-based pencil artist, Kelvin Okafor, has put on a show on social media where netizens have applauded him for his incredible talent in art.

Kelvin shared an artistic pencil drawing he had draw of the renowned model Winnie Harlow. The 25-year-old canadian model and motivational speaker has vitiligo, this is a condition that causes the loss of skin colour in certain areas of the human body. The skin conditions did not stop the artist from finishing what he started.

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Winnie’s skin condition has never been an obstacle to her. With the heart of a Lioness, It has spurred her on to achieve greatness in every aspect of life. She has moved beyond her condition to become one of the world’s most well-known models and uses her story to inspire others suffering from Vitiligo.

As a muse of Kelvin, the talented artist, has drawn a stunning picture of the model

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With the portrait gaining massive attention on social media, the model invited the artist where he presented the framed artwork to her.

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A Nigerian artist @Dorks_art retweeted the picture which caught President Donald Trump’s attention. The president retweeted the picture of the art with comment which reads;

“Not only did I see it @Doks_Art, I think it is fantastic. You are a wonderful artist, never give up your dream!.”