The renowned educationist who is a Biochemical Engineer made this known in a recent interview on YFM’s Myd-Morning show hosted by Rev. Erskine.

According to the quiz mistress, it is normal for a student to score a zero mark in school adding that one has to re-strategize and make it better afterwards.

Speaking in the interview, she said;

“We went for Physics class and Professor Plummer, who was our first year, first semester Physics teacher came to class and said: ‘I’m giving you an exam under Diagnostic’. He had not taught anything yet and said this was going to be a common thing; these quizzes are going to be quantized so you’ll get zero, one or two and I think it was truly up to two.


I remember I had never had a zero in my life. That was my first zero. I looked at that paper and I asked myself how. After crying and agonizing, I decided to re-strategize so I said ‘Professor Plummer, you will not see my tears ever again’. That meant I had to study ahead, do assignments, and go to every class prepared.”



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