Astute broadcast journalist Afia Pokuaa known popularly as Vim Lady has urged President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo to get rid of ass-lickers around him.


According to Afia Pokuaa, there are some people around the president who fail to confront him with the bitter truth about his government. She is therefore urging the president to sack such persons in his government in order to see the real view and receive genuine feedback.

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During her Radio show, Egyaso Egyaso, Afia Pokuaa tagged those people as “sycophants”. According to her, these persons are the reason why the president has been blindfolded about the flaws of the government. She added that they have failed to criticize the president even if he’s wrong.

Afia added that the president will be doomed if he fails to sack these persons around him. Afia added that if the President doesn’t sack these people, he will leave the office with a big disgrace come 2024. Also, she stated that the president might leave the office with a stain on his legacy.

You are one of the finest Presidents Ghana has ever had. But those sycophants around you must be sacked. President Akufo Addo, I urge you to sack those sycophants around you. You better do that because you risk taking them along with a disgrace when you retire from office. Start sacking them!!” she emphasized.

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“You need to be confronted with the truth. The other time what you said to the Aflao chief was politically incorrect. It doesn’t mean someone hates you when he or she criticizes you about that. It’s meant to correct you.”



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