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SHOCKER: Popular Nigerian Pastor Says It Is A Sin For Christians To Pay Or Receive Tithe (+Video)


A popular Nigerian pastor, Chris Ojigbani has caused a stir on the internet by stating categorically that any Christian who pays tithe would go to hell. In a series of Bible verses to substantiate his claim, the senior pastor of Covenant Singles and Married said the Bible gave specific instructions on the group of people who should pay tithes.

He said:

When God gave the commandment of tithe, He clearly stated who would pay the tithe; who would receive the tithe; and the purpose for receiving the tithe. He said the tithe would be paid by Israelites (except those from the tribe of Levi). He said that only the Levites were permitted to receive tithe and also said it was for their service in the tabernacle of the congregation. God actually gave them the tithe as an inheritance. For you to be eligible to pay tithe, you have to come from any of the tribes of Israel, apart from the tribe of Levi.

Watch video:

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