Age they have always said is just a number and it contributes less or close to nothing to anything. We have seen grown-ups behaving like toddlers still eating sand so have we seen children talk with all the wisdom in the world.

Have we all not seen people who look way too old or too young than their actual ages. People who are all grown yet look way too young for what is worth.

We are just twelve days into the new year and we are safe to say we have about 30 years more to go before January ends— this month has proven to be the longest month there is.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we as a people have come to appreciate and love this day. We don’t want you to be on your wit’s end trying to find that perfect gift for him this Valentine.

Unfortunately, we do not have a celebrity culture down here and irrespective of how hard our so-called celebs are fighting to push that status quo to another phase, we cannot say a lot has been seen from that angle.

We barely talk about celebrities and their kids, not when their marriages are always on the rocks. A look at how these Hollywood stars put their babies all up in our faces and tow them in the same lane as their respective careers are just beautiful.