For some very strange reasons, people feel being fair actually makes them beautiful. The emergence of bleaching creams on our Ghanaian market is a canker that is spreading way too wide.

Sadly all those who have bleached have never admitted to the fall. They have all said they never bleached and I can bet my last farthing that none would be bold enough to say they bleached.

Cheating is one topic we all want to steer clear off but no matter how hard we may try to avoid this subject, it eats us deeper than any canker has.

I am not going to be biased about it and go all out for the guys. Ladies do cheat and even more than the guys. But we ladies just employ a sense of security and care even when we are cheating except for a few ladies who would not mind being caught in the act.

Let me not even start with the negativity surrounding celebrities. So much negative news that we gladly write about because honestly, it drives traffic and pays the bills.

Oh, and the relationships and marriages are nothing to write home about. Cheating scandals here and there, reports of abuse up and down. If you look up to most of them in the marriage department, you’re in for a major disappointment and it’s 2018 so we don’t have space for that in our lives.

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