Marriage is always the crowning moment in a woman’s life (I know this statement might get into the skin of feminists, but hey- that’s the truth) and you can understand why they are so obsessed with weddings and everything that goes with it.

But what is more painful, having no man express interest in walking you down the aisle whilst in a committed relationship or a man who decides not to show up at your wedding venue few hours before you exchange your vows?

This is the heartbreaking story which happened to Jenny Mutale, a Ugandan woman. Narrating her traumatic experience to local network, SparkTV that she was excited to finally tie the knot with the love of her life on February, 25, 2019.

She even went to the salon and got her groove on then proceeded to hop into her convoy as she traveled to the wedding venue.

However, Jenny’s heart sunk when she learnt the man she had prepared for so long to get married to failed to show up at the church. “I got a phone call that the groom was not yet at the church but I had to go to church to prove it and find a way out,” she said. Despite this, she wore a false sense of hope and continued her journey to the church praying that maybe the caller had made a mistake.

When Jenny and her bridesmaids arrived at the venue, the group discovered her husband-to-be was nowhere to be seen. The first thing that popped in the bride’s mind was to call the man she thought she loved. But, all his phones were switched off.

“Having faith in God helped me a lot I just had to pray to God to give me strength and courage that I can pass through such a trial,” she added. After getting control of her emotions, Jenny and her guests chose to have a church service then proceeded to the reception.

They ate, drank, made merry and forgot for a while she had been stood up on one of the most important days of her life.


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