Ghanaian actress and event organizer, Adu Safowaa has invoked generational curses on Nana Tornado in a new video after the latter blasted her on social media and the utterances he made on Onua TV recently.


You would recall that Nana Tornado in his reply to Adu Sarfowaa after she called him on social media claimed that she is not his size because he drives a Mercedez Benz car and sleeps in 5-star hotels for weeks when he travels abroad.

He asked why Adu Sarfowaa was calling him countless times on the phone because he is not her friend. He warned her not to dare step on his tail and advised her to rather focus her energy on helping her ailing mother who has been stuck with a Stroke.

During an interview on Onua TV hosted by Mona Gucci, Nana Tornado made some remarks about Adu Safowaa and she did not take the words lightly as she has clapped back at him harder this time.

Adu Safowaa claimed in a hot video that Nana Tornado’s father died in a church in Tema because of his waywardness and pervert lifestyle as his life lacked purpose. She went on to compare Nana Tornado to crossdresser, Bobrisky pointing out that whilst Bobrisky is making huge monies in dollars with his cross-dressing life, he Tornado is kissing a$$ in Ghana and making nothing in return.

She accused Tornado of posting people’s money and pretending to be the owner of the money and cursed him that his children will suffer from his deeds and sins as he called him ‘heaven reject’.



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