As the saying goes your “your health is your wealth and your wealth is your treasure”. There is also a saying that “too much of everything is bad”. Therefore knowledge about healthy foods and harmful ones must be of great concern to humans. You cannot eat and drink anything anyhow and at anytime and expect to be in good health.

Here are 8 reasons why you must reduce the consumption of meat;

  • Meat contain excessive uric acid, which when introduced into the human body very often, causes rheumatism, kidney stones, gout, gallstone, etc. therefore it is advisable to eat meat occasionally.

  • Too much intake of meat causes the blood to be impure and does not support formation of good tissues.

  • Meat eaters are likely to be affected by chronic constipation and also chronic headaches, due to the fact that meat does not contain fiber.

  •   Dead or sick animal’s meat should be avoided , because the cause of sickness or death of the animal may be transferred to you.,

  • Bush meat should be slaughtered and blood poured out before eating since many infections, germs, bacteria, etc. are easily associated with or in animal blood and can affect blood circulation, causes headache, etc. in humans.

  • Germs found in meat can cause many health problems in humans like tuberculosis, cancer, etc. and it also causes putrefaction.
  • Meat should be purchased from hygienic conditions and should be washed thoroughly, because it easily attract germs.

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