Ghanaian movie actress Ms Lydia Forson has reflected on how technology has bring a meaningful impact on the Ghanaian movie industry.


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Technology as it has improved over the years has had a very meaningful impact on mankind’s existence. Although it has it owns disadvantages, it has improved the standard of living in every way possible.

At first, one needs to read the daily news papers of listen to the radio, to get news update of know what is going on around him/ her and the world at large. But because of technology, news updates are at the tip of our fingers.

The world and Ghana in particular has moved from telegram mode of sending messages and visiting the communication center before making a sending a message or making a call to smart mobile phones which are easy accessible by everyone.

Ms Lydia Forson first posed a question about the impact of technology and how it has affected some professions. “Do you ever randomly think of how far your profession has come with the aid of technology?

She continued by mentioning how the world now have access to movies in so many ways rather than the days that you have to buy for yourself a DVD/ VCD before you can watch a movie, all thanks to technology.

She also talked about how easier it is for her fan base to have access and interact with her on her various social media platforms with the help of technology.

We’ve come such a long way from our movies only being available on VCD/DVD. Thanks to technology they’re now available to even more people worldwide and instantly online.

#TechnologyAndHumanity #FromGoodToGreat

I find myself thinking about my fan base and how much easier it has become for them to access and interact with me because of technology. Some days it almost feels like we’re all in the same room talking.

#TechnologyAndHumanity #FromGoodToGreat

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