A BBC report indicates that rapper Kodak Black is to spend the next 4years, well almost- in jail for falsifying information on background forms to buy four guns.

The giant media outlet added that the 22 rapper was arrested before his Rolling Loud festival back in May.

Here’s the rest of report as published by the BBC:

One of the guns he bought was used in an attempted shooting in March. Prosecutors said “a rival rap artist was the intended target”.

However, he has not been charged in relation to that shooting.

Real name Bill K Kapri, the Hip-Hop star faced a maximum of 10 years in prison, and prosecutors had pushed for a sentence of eight years.

The court heard he was alleged to have beaten up a prison guard while awaiting sentencing.

US District Judge Federico Moreno acknowledged that Black had made anonymous donations to charity in the past.


Kodak Black’s lawyer Bradford Cohen told BBC News: “After the court was apprised of all the facts and circumstances of this case and the good charitable work that Bill has done over the years, the court rejected the government’s request of 96 months and sentenced Bill to 46 months.”

The MC has had a number of legal charges and spells in prison in recent years, and is known for his violent lyrics.

His debut studio album Painting Pictures went to number three in the US in 2017.

The follow-up went to number two, and a third album, Dying to Live, reached number one last December.


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