It’s been a week of unrest and chaos in the British media. With the news of Prince Harry quiting his royal duties and seeking to move away to Canada to start his own family and live independently.

Even though the Queen has agreed to let them go but one man who seems to not be in agreement on the the Prince’s idea is Piers Morgan. He has blamed it all on Meghan Markle as the one pushing the Prince to move away to a different settlement.

He has been seen making racist tweets at Meghan Markle, disrespecting and bullying her on social media. From reports gathered, Piers’ hatred for Meghan started at an event where she snubbed him. It seems Piers can’t live a day without talking about Meghan, he’s actually obsessed with her

Piers’ tweets about Meghan:

Piers has since been in pain all these years. He’s currently using the Duke & Duchess’ departure from the castle as a medium to get back at her.

Black folks on twitter wouldn’t just sit there and watch him tear her apart. They trooped in from all angles defending Meghan.

Check tweets below:

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