If and when you realise you are not in the same circle with someone, just steer clear of that person and begin to mind your damn business but that certainly is something Delay does not know or could not less about.

Delay has touched on Efia Odo and her new found love’s case and the Kwese Tv show host has lit into the controversial Deloris.

According to Delay, Efia should calm down and stop with the displaying of her boyfriend since the guy in question has a lot of question marks buzzing around his ears.

That was harmless if you ask me, just another human being giving a dose of advice to her fellow human being but what is an advice to a girl in love— rubbish bruh.

It is either Efia Odo does not like Delay or there is something we are yet to know because her response was puerile.

She Tweeted:



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