Singer Fameye has hailed himself as one of the best artists in Ghana by saying his music will live forever and all his songs must hit you whenever he releases them.


Fameye has been keeping his fans and all who love his songs waiting for his new song and he has addressed them saying the song that’s coming is worth the wait because it must hit them and that is what makes it a hit in the first place.

According to Fameye, only a fool will say that his/her music will go on forever but then when he knows it for a fact, he can boldly say his music will go on forever no matter how long it takes and we think he’s right because most of his songs speak to the spirit and soul if listened attentively.

According to Fameye, the book has been given to him but he can’t keep it alone, therefore, everyone will get his or her part and it’s going to come with sound, the music message, chapters, and many ways saying we should make sure to listen to his song and not just play it.

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Some people just play songs because of the rhythms and do not listen to the words in them and Fameye is giving us a head-up that we must listen to the song and not just play it to hear the words and the kind of message he has for us all.

The book has been given to me can’t keep it alone , everyone will get his or hers and it’s coming with the sound , the music ,message , chapters and many ways 🦅🦅make sure you listen to my music don’t just play it ?

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