Do you remember Gariba, the guy Supa has always been referring to in his viral videos? Gariba has finally got his chance to reply Supa and he really gave him some serious ‘punches’.

In a recent interview with Hitz FM’s Andy Dosty, Gariba claimed Supa is a comedian. Asked by the host if he did a ‘diss’ song for Supa, Gariba answered saying, “Allahu Akbar. I did not record any song to ‘diss’ him. I only mentioned his name in my song”.

Gariba did not end there, as he went ahead to reveal that Supa got to where he is now through him and for that he (Gariba) is happy for him.

When the host asked him if he had ever stolen his (Supa) father’s cat, he replied “…Andy, I no be Ewe…”

Gariba also made some claims that apart from Shatta Wale, he is the only one with the ‘squad’. For the squad that he is referring to, we have absolutely no idea.

It seems to us that, Gariba too ‘get mouth pass’ Supa and he is really a nemesis to the GH2Pac. Interesting times lie ahead as we expect a reply from the GH2Pac in the coming days knowing perfectly he won’t let sleeping dogs lie.




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