Ghanaian comic actor and comedian, Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, well known as Funny Face has opened fire on politicians after he nearly lost his life.


Funny Face took to his page to disclose how he escaped death through a fatal accident on the Accra-Kumasihighway on Saturday, August 28th, 2021. The children’s president took to his Instagram page to recount what happened and also fire at politicians.

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Funny Face revealed that he was traveling from Accra to Kumasi to see his baby mama Vanessa. The actor and producer also descended on his baby mama and has disclosed that he has deleted his photos. He also fired back at politicians and accused them of wanting to kill him as they did to late artist Ebony.

GYE NYAME LAN T SOY MILK LAN T SOY MILK LAN T SOY MILK am heartbroken Charley .. how can a woman be dis wicked stillllll “ ONE MAN THOUSAND “ .. KASOA VANDAMME “ EI GO OVER YOU .. “ let me delete her pictures LAN T SOY M

Some of the “ WIRES “ are touching again .. after coming face to face with death again at LINDA DOR .. how can pavements be on a higher way .. “ MURDERERs foolish leaders “ mboaaaa mo maaaame Tw3 one by one .. #FIXTHEFUCKINGCOUNTRY .. is not abt politics .. but common sense should tell u .. if you are going to build pavements like dis on a high way .. u need to make it more visible at night .. especially when its raining. Late-night .. FOOLS .. “ mpanitoto agyimifuooorrrr “ Evil people .. you killed Ebo nkwasiaaFuor “ If our roads were better .. like Ebony won’t have died! “ MURDERERS “ blood-sucking VAMPIRES “ is not abt politics .. Everybody in GHaNA knows am da #CHILDRENPRESIDENT

“So I don’t do politics .. my biggest pain is to see a child who loves me crying because I didn’t join his fathers N.P.P or N.D.C … so I have stayed away .. from politics all dis years .. so my record proves I don’t mingle in politics .. but all we are saying is we want basic Needs. Good Roads, better health care system .. and when my depression comes. I say whatever Dat is weighing on me and me keeping it real”.

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