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HOT Gossip: Nigerian Lady Accuses Yvonne Nelson Of Snatching Her Husband, Says Her Baby Daddy Is Her Legal Husband & Calls Yvonne Desperate + More (Vidoes &Photos)


We have stumbled upon a very nasty evidence which clearly suggests Yvonne Nelson’s baby daddy is legally married to a Nigerian woman identified as Keela Harrison. Nigerian blog, IB9JA, leaked a private conversation between the woman in question was chatting with her a friend about Yvonne Nelson and her new baby daddy.

It would also be recalled that the lanky Ghanaian actress disclosed in an exclusive interview with WOW magazine that her new man already has kids of his own but failed to disclose the marital status of her fiance.

Keela revealed that although she’s still married to Yvonne Nelson’s baby daddy, they are in the process of divorcing after they got married in 2015. In the conversation that got leaked, the lady disclosed that Yvonne Nelson got to know her when she had wanted to purchase some slimming tea products some time ago from her and they became acquaintances, then she introduced her to her husband—-Well, you can tell the rest of the story from there.

In the leaked conversation, the woman described her husband and Yvonne’s baby daddy as a broke a** dude, an ex-convict, and one who has his neck in some deep debt.

The Nigerian also also mocked Yvonne Nelson for being desperate to have a baby after crossing 30 and still without a husband.

So this is where it all started:

She talks about how she met Yvonne Nelson:

Now she says this would make things easier for her to get her divorce from her husband:


She talks about her husband being a photographer who begs people on Instagram for free photoshoots and even says the camera he uses is hers. Calls him broke a$$, irresponsible and more:


Oh, they mock and laugh her more and more:


So here’s why they can’t marry, not because the guy has not proposed to her blah blah blah:


And more:

And oh, we found a picture of Yvonne’s Baby Daddy and his wife when they got married in 2015:

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