The moment a baby is born, the skull emerges out to be a solid piece of bone as it assumes a phase later in life. In order to ensure that the baby passes through the birth canal, along with paving way for additional brain growth, it is observed that the skull is divided into various parts. baby skull development is to be separated in the primitive stages as it can make the head of the baby fragile.

Skull anatomy

The anatomy of the skull has 6 bones. When you are in the early stages of life, the bones you do not expect them to be fused together as it is held together by a scratchy tissue going by the name of cranial sutures. A couple of spaces are there in the skull that is not covered by the bone and only by the cranial sutures. These spaces are referred to as the soft spots.


Once again during the first couple of years there are separate bones of the skull that begin to fuse together. The process of fusing goes on to take place over multiple years, as this stage the brain is growing. They are not going to reach the adult stage till the age of 7 years. But the couple of spots on the infants head by the time a child are expected to reach 3 years of age


This is basically a birth defect that involves the development expected of an infant’s skull. The moment such a defect arises, babies skull development evolves to a different level. A major spot in the skull goes on to close early than it should really do. This goes on to cause considerable pressure in the skulls and in certain situations can impede brain development. This is often repaired with a surgical measure so that the fused area is reopened. When the cases are less severe a head shaped helmet at an occasional level is used in place of the surgery.



The major concern with a skull is that it could become flattened on one side. This could arise if the child spends a considerable amount of time at a single position and in case of infants it is often at their back. This issue can be dealt with once the baby spends a lot of time in various positions. In the more extreme of cases headbands are being used.

Last but perhaps the most important pointer with skull development is the safety aspect. As the head of the baby is fragile during the first couple of years in their development, parents should adopt a careful approach as far as the skull development of their babies are concerned. You should reposition the infant on a timely basis, and when they are sleeping place them on the backs. As a parent you should constantly research the car seats before you are planning to purchase as in the case of an accident the child would  be safe on all counts.


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