Former professional boxer and undisputed world heavyweight champion, Michael Gerard Tyson popularly known as Mike Tyson has revealed that he is not an American but rather a Congolese.

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In the last episode of his famous “hotboxin podcast” with singer and songwriter, Akon, Mike made a shocking revelation saying that he did his ancestry and realized that he was never an American but rather a Congolese.

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His composure in telling the news proved he was very much convinced he was from the African country. His face looked priceless telling his colleagues he traced his ancestors and the led him to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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This explains a lot as renowned record producer, Akon confirmed that Mike possesses some skills and character traits of the people of Congo. According to him, Mike has the heart of a Congolese. He told a brief history of the people of Congo and the height of their strength.


“The Congolese, these dudes kill Gorillas with their bare hands, that is why Mike is so strong”

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