The first artist to have signed by Zylofon, Kumi Guitar has revealed that he recently had to quickly turn off his TV set when Medikal’s video for his ‘WrowroHo’ started playing.

During an interview with Sammy Flex on Zylofon FM’s ‘Showbiz Agenda’, he revealed that his son was watching the television when the song started playing so he tried to put off the TV since the song contains some profane words.

Asked if he was suggesting that the songs should not be played on the airwaves, the ‘Betweener’ hitmaker stated that it far from what he was suggesting. He added that he feels if radio and TV stations want to play the song, they should do so at late hours.

Kumi suggested that the songs can also be played when men or boys meet at a personal level for their enjoyment because it is a great song but not in the manner it was surprisingly sprung on TV when he was with his young son.


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