‘I Want Money To Start Business In Accra Not S*x’- Ghanaian Woman Tells White ‘Clients’ (+Video)

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A Facebook user called Stacy Kakraba Nyarkoh has caused some social media users to have a good a laugh after her hilarious video asking white men to stay off her back if they can’t give her money to start a business hit the internet.

The beautiful lady, who obviously has a very big backside (she was in a sitting position when she recorded the video), said she’s fed up white folks who often call her from different countries to demand s*x or request her friendship because she’s not that type of girl.

Stacy added that all she needs right now is one of them giving her money to start a business in the nation’s capital in order to be self reliant.

The Fante lady, who spoke in her dialect, also opined that what annoys her is the fact these anonymous men have multiple girlfriends in their lives already yet they always in her DM disturbing her.

The interesting part of her speech was when she took out an insecticide spray and splashed it on the faces of the culprits as though they were physically standing in front of her.

We told you there will be no dull moment in 2019 and it seems we are right after all.


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