Actor cum politician John Dumelo has decided to help the chief of Aflao Togbe Fiti with 100 bags of cement to complete the E Block that the former president was building after the recent president asked him to complete it himself.


Nana Akuffo Addo speaking in an interview with Kwame Sefa Kayi said the chief of Aflao can complete the E Block that was been built by ex-president if he’s in a hurry to use it while reacting to the plea of the chief.

The chief who wanted the children of his town to be able to use the facility that the ex-president was building before he left power asked the Minister to let works on the facility to be done so quickly so the children could use it next academic year which is in February.

But the reply that came from the president wasn’t pleased to the ears especially for the Afloa chief and his people hence a follower of John Dumelo took to Twitter to ask him what his take is probably expecting to hear him condemn the words of the president but instead he offered to help.

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According to John Dumelo, if the president wants Togbe Fiti to complete the E Block himself then he will donate 100 bags of cement to the paramount chief to start the completion process and we think this is a brilliant reply from John Dumelo.

Some people were expecting something different from John Dumelo but he beat them all to it with his reply offering to donate 100 bags of cement to the paramount chief to start the completion process and they had no option that to applaud him for that.

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