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Juliet Ibrahim Gives A Subtle Reason Why She Pushed Iceberg Out Of Her Way


Poor Juliet Ibrahim! Her relationship with Nigerian rapper Iceberg Slim has indeed crashed and we find it very unfortunate although she’s’ officially’ yet to confirm it.

Ghanaians predicted this relationship won’t go far owing to her choice of partner (for goodness sake, that guy is simply not a husband material!).

Probably, the doomsayers annoyed Juliet who instantly formed a habit of flaunting Iceberg all over social media, to the extent they both had a matching tattoo which spelt, LOVE.

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Although Juliet is yet to confirm that indeed she and Iceberg are no longer seeing each other, subtle clues they constantly drop on social media is enough proof that it’s over.

In one of those instances, the Ghanaian actress asked her fans a rhetorical question. She wrote, “Would you delete your social media accounts if your lover/wife/husband asked you to? It’s a NO for me!”

Is it not obvious that she’s making an indirect allusion to herself and her relationship. Share your opinion with us.


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