The vendor who carries her twins on her back when working, in contrast to Psalm Adjeteyfio’s incessant begging, has gained popularity as musician Keche Joshua begs people to hunt for her for him.


The woman who used to compare Psalm Adjeteyfio’s situation, which has forced him to beg constantly, had her twin tied to her back as she walked to sell the water and refreshments she carried on her head.

While many people were eager to learn more about the lady, Keche Joshua begged individuals who may come into contact with her to kindly assist him in locating her as quickly as possible in a tweet.

Keche Joshua is ready to assist the woman in setting herself up, as the monies Psalm Adjeteyfio calls as mere can do something substantial for her.

In related news, with renowned actor Psalm Adjeteyfio, aka TT, pleading shenanigans, people have lost their zeal to support him any further.  

Not only are regular Ghanaians fed up with him, but some of his fellow celebs are on the verge of tossing him out.

Kwame A Plus,  has slammed TT in the latest swipe he took at him after Adjeteyfio disregarded Ayisha Modi’s alleged gift of Ghc 600, and it provoked A Plus.

Ayisha allegedly promised Adjeteyfio Ghc 5,000 but only gave him Ghc 600 and some soft drinks, according to Adjeteyfio.

Of course, he was lying, as both Ayisha and Gh Mouthpiece later revealed.

An enraged A Plus, on the other hand, claimed that even if he just received Ghc 500, he should be grateful because there are people in Ghana who would murder for that money!



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