Popular Ghanaian entertainment pundit, Kwesi Ernest in a recent submission has backed the claim made by Ghanaian TV show host, Kwaku Sintim Misa (KSM).

KSM in a recent submission stated that Ghanaian movie stars are broke and most of the people doing well do other businesses to survive.

He came under serious backlash, however, Kwesi Ernest has stated that KSM’s claim is true and he made this known in a recent submission on Peace FM.

In his submission, he said;

“When I see people in Ghana who say I am a professional actor or actress, that’s all I do; I say in your dreams man. And survive in Ghana? That all you’re doing is to act, no; It’s not possible!


No way and that’s the only income is from acting in Ghana, no way…I am saying they do other things to make their money and they use that money to support their acting career [you know]. But I don’t know of anyone who has, only on acting, to say I will be counted among the rich people in Ghana because all I do is act; no.

The movies don’t pay so much. If the actors will be truthful and tell the truth, they cannot survive on just acting. They have to do other jobs to live a better life.”



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