Gospel musician Nana Kwaku Osei, professionally known as Nacee has slammed most artiste managers, saying most act as followers and errand boys for their artiste.


To Nacee, most artiste managers do not understand their job title so they end up becoming mere followers of the artiste. Speaking with Onua 95.1 Fm, he outlined some of the duties of the managers.


“Gospel artiste managers are supposed to go all out to get me endorsement deals, gigs and sell the products, that is the song and the artiste but most of these managers are just there.

“They wait till event organizers contact me, the musician, for a gig then they come in and get their percentage,”

“when a record label signs an artiste, they put in place a team to handle the artiste but in this era where we don’t have record labels in the country, what is going on is simple: when a gospel musician hears about someone who is very vocal in the media, they contact the person [and then] the person comes in giving the artiste lots of hopes”.

“They will then fold their arms waiting for someone to call for them to get their percentages.

“That is why I’m telling you 90 per cent of those around gospel musicians parading themselves as artiste managers are not working. Only 10 per cent are working.”

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