Ghanaian controversial fashionista Osebo has shocked many as he reveals gays have been crushing on him because of his fashion sense.

Osebo in a recent interview disclosed that a lot of gays in Ghana have been crushing on him showering him with praises.

According to him, when he posts pictures on social media he gets a lot of comments from gays as they praise him saying he has nice legs and so many things.

Adding that he’s not bothered about what people say about him because of his fashion sense because he’s not going to stop anytime soon.

Speaking with Delay in another interview on the Delay Show, he confirmed the fact that he’s not gay as he discloses he loves women reason why his ex-wife said he’s a womanizer.


Anytime, I post a picture on my Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages, I sometimes get comments from gays telling me I have beautiful legs. I easily notice them and block them immediately. How can a guy tell another guy he has nice legs and that he wants to be a close friend? I don’t tolerate such comments

he said

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