Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has pleaded with his fans to support his songs saying even if it’s borla they should be proud of it and support him as the Ghanaian that they are.


Most of us usually say Shatta Wale mostly releases borla songs and it seems he has accepted the fact that he releases borla songs sometimes hence has pleaded with his fan that no matter how borla his songs sound, they should support him.

According to him, if he releases his songs and they are even borla, they should support him because we all know borla is in everyone’s house so we should also promote our own borla when artists release it.

Shatta Wale went ahead to ask his fans to be proud borlians saying they should do this for Ghana as at least Kwame Nkrumah can smile for once in his resting place, and though Shatta Wale was somehow making fun of the whole thing, he has a point.

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Every country has borla songs and it’s up to us to support our own even if it’s borla therefore, fans of Shatta Wale and all Ghanaians need to learn how to support their own as everyone supports their artists even if they aren’t good.

Pls Twitter if i release my songs and they are Borla kwraaa pls support it ok cuz you know borla dierrr we all get some for house😂😂Let’s also promote our borla

Be a proud Borlian✊🤣

Let’s do this for Ghana at least so kwame Nkrumah can smile for once in his resting place 🙏🏻

he wrote

Screenshot below;



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