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Rare Billionaires: These Are The 10 Most Generous Philanthropists Who Gave It All Away


Having a billionaire or millionaire give away majority of his wealth is just something rare these days. When it comes giving huge sums of money for charity, name like Warren Buffett comes to mind,  since 2006 the Berkshire Hathaway boss has donated $24.3 billion to The Gates Foundation.

After several research online we were able to compile some billionaires who have helping the less privileged at heart by giving out part of their wealth.

#10. Yu Panglin

Yu Panglin who is a Hong Kong hotelier and a real estate mogul gave away a total of $1.2 billion to his charity foundation before dying at age 92 leaving nothing for his two sons. This sparked a lot of controversy but Yu explained that money may corrupt them and they should learn how to handle themselves without his fortune. This may have something to do with the billionaire growing up in poverty.

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