Ghanaian rapper, Armstrong Affum, well known as Dadie Opanka has advised Funny Face to take a break from social media works and refrain from insulting other personalities on social media because the internet never forgets.


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This comes after Funny Face took to the platform to rain insults on Despite Media. Fadda Dickson for bailing out on his in his times of trouble. According to Funny Face, Fadda Dickson’s mind has been polluted against him by the mother of his baby mama, Vanessa.

He claims to have had an accident and called on Fadda Dickson for assistance but he refused to come to his aid because his mind has been polluted against him.

He lamented that Fadda Dickson has been his buddy since 2007, thus it was very disappointing for him to have bailed out on him after he was badmouthed to him by his foes.

Taking to the comment section, Opanka advised Funny Face to take a long break from social media and also refrain from insulting people on the platform.

He wrote; Bro I pray you heal from everything you’re going through. social media never forgets, kindly refrain from the insults and take a break off social media. We love you, we feel your pains, but you make matters worse when this keeps up. Don’t let your anger or disappointment from people make you fight or sack all of them away from you, they might be of help 1 Day. Calm down bro and don’t give in to depression or whatever you’re battling that we have no idea of. Fight back hard and conquer it. May God help you, peace 🙏

See the screenshot below:



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