Shatta Wale has extended his never ending antics and drama to 2019 and from the foregoing (the scoop we have here), we don’t think this new tsunami which has erupted in his relationship with Michy is a make-believe.

There are ups and downs in every relationship but Wale’s volatile attitude and ‘dirty’ persona makes it difficult for us to think any woman would even spend the rest of her life with him.

What exactly are we driving at? Shatta Michy and Shatta Wale are a war again, to which Michy has reportedly taken the latter’s Range Rover, Majesty plus other important documents belonging to Wale and absconded.

Michy has revealed in a long post on social media how Shatta Wale abuses her and doesn’t trust her one bit. She also revealed her boo often believe in rumous that fly around her than the ‘truth’ hence she had enough of him.

Last year, there was a back forth accusation and counter accusation between the pair which was interpreted by the various online portals as a mere publicity stunt.

However later developments to the issue proved there was indeed fire on their mountain as their families quickly resolved it which saw Michy moving in back to Wale’s mansion.

In this new episode, an ‘insecure’ Shatta Wale is captured in a Whatsapp chat asking a friend of Michy if she knows who’s banging his woman.

He sounded so furious that he threatened the unnamed recipient that he would continue to block her on Facebook if she’s not able to tell him the truth;

Well, catch the drama below;

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