Susan Deixler Net Worth, Bio, Children, Husband – Susan Deixler is the ex-wife of singer-songwriter Barry Manilow. She is currently happily living in her home in California in the United States.


The American singer-songwriter and pop icon of the 1970s, Barry Manilow, was married to Susan Deixler, who is now 77. When Susan was just 19 years old and they got married right out of high school in 1964, they had been childhood sweethearts.


Susan and the “Copacabana” singer wed in 1964 after meeting in high school. However, their union didn’t last long. A year later, they got divorced, and Susan got the marriage annulled in 1966.


The former spouse of American musician Barry Manilow, Susan Deixler, is 77 years old as of the time of this writing.

Susan Deixler’s Career

Susan Deixler focused her energy on advancing her nursing career and never remarried. She is a care manager for a California company that provides senior citizens with in-home nursing care.


Susan Deixler’s Children

Susan Deixler is a mother of two. She is a private woman, thus little is known about her other professions of her son, a musician, and daughter, a lawyer.

Susan Deixler’s Net worth

The mother of two grown children, Susan Deixler has a net worth of $1 million. She is a private person, with the exception of the careers of her musical and lawyer daughters. Bary Manilow is a well-known rock star who is believed to be affluent. However, there is no information available regarding Susan Deixler’s salary, possessions, or overall net worth.

Susan Deixler’s husband

Regarding Susan Deixler’s romantic connections, nothing is known. Deixler and Manilow still seem to get along well after over 50 years. In fact, she wished Manilow well when news of his marriage to his longtime partner surfaced.


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