We are all too happy for the come back of the musical trio Praye—they gave is good songs to jam to and we missed that. Our fear and dread weigh on whether they would be able to deliver as before.

It is always not the same when they leave and come back together. That surely would think of itself when we get there.

Choirmaster who seems like the mouthpiece of the group has passed certain comments that is liable to cause problems for the group. According to him, he still sees himself as a solo artist and fans should expect songs from him and the group as time goes on.

Some of us feel that was uncalled for especially at this point where they just got back together.

“I’m still a solo artist. The thing is, with the new Praye, along the way you will hear songs from the group and you will also hear songs from Tiatia and Tintin alone.

“It doesn’t mean the group is separated but we don’t want it to be 3 people every day on a song.” Choirmaster said on Radio Central.

“Sometimes when one person gets the inspiration he will be able to express himself well but the group is back and back for good.

“So when you hear a song from Choirmaster alone or see him on a show alone it doesn’t mean the group is separated. We have more new plans for the group now.”

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