Award-winning rapper, Kofi Kinaata in a recent interview has thrown his weight behind broadcast Journalist Nana Aba Anamoah on her recent comments concerning the NPP government and previous government NDC.

Born Martin King Arthur, Kofi Kinaata urged the Akufo-Addo-led government to be quiet and accept criticisms from who citizens complaining of the hardships in the country.

In his view, Ghanaians wouldn’t have voted for the current government if Mahama was competent enough so they should just keep mute and work because Ghanaians already know Mahama’s performances.

Kofi Kinaata emphatically stated that there was absolutely nothing wrong with Nana Aba Anamoah telling Ghanaians that the NDC and NPP don’t have them at heart.

According to Kofi Kinaata, the high level of roughness in Ghanaian politics is the main reason people take issues personally and attack people who don’t agree on the same topics with them.

“Ghanaian politics is not like in America where celebrities publicly disclose their political affiliation and face no issues, but here in Ghana, someone can tell you that he is NDC and he will never allow the daughter to marry someone whose father is NPP.


Politics in Ghana is so tribalistic. When you talk about a certain party and you are not careful you will be in trouble even when the particular party is aware of the truth. What is the mistake in what Nana Aba said?

She only asked the President to sell what he is doing to the citizens and not talk about the opposition party’s mistakes. If Mahama treated Ghanaians well, he wouldn’t have been voted out for you to come because we believe you can do the work so focus on that. We voted for you because the nation was disaster-prone, so the noise you are making that Mahama ruined the nation is needless because we are already aware of that so shut up and work”, Kofi Kinaata said in his submission.



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