Popular Ghanaian rapper, Kwame Nsia Apau who is widely known as Okyeame Kwame in a recent radio submission stated that there is no perfect definition as to what us a good song.


According to him, what may be labeled by one person as a good song may not be a good song to another person.

“There is no definition as to what is a good song,” he said.

He made a reference to how Kojo Antwi sings and stated that everyone has an expectation about a Kojo Antwi track so if Kojo Antwi deviates slightly from his original style, most people will not accept that song, maybe also that track might be a good song.

“We already have a certain expectation on how Kojo Antwi’s songs are supposed to sound. Therefore, we are not going to accept a certain type of songs that are unlike his known style,” he added.

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