Life isn’t all that rosy. For a musician, with so much talent and fame to end in a psychiatric hospital, then HMMMMM…

Once a darling boy, Okomfo Kwadee has been off the radar for quite a long time. All we knew was he wasn’t feeling well, but as to what actually happened we had no idea until he revealed what actually happened to him in a recent interview.

Speaking on Adom FM’s Work and Happiness program, Kwadee revealed that there has been a lot of changes in his life over the past few years.

He claims people wanted to ‘pull him down’, and these people are people he considered as family. He tagged them as ‘market day family’.

He revealed that people who wanted his downfall had to lie about him to the police so he could get arrested, which he added that he was arrested on so many occasions.

He also revealed that the person involved in his downfall started way back when he was in his hometown in the north, even before he became a hit.

He revealed that anytime the police arrested him, he was sent to the psychiatric hospital instead of the prison cells because they believed he was ‘mad’.

Okomfo Kwadee, that’s a sad one. Sorry for the pain you have passed through.

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