The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has vehemently denied the misconception being created by their main political rivals, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) that they hate the Ewe tribe so much that they have deployed military and police personnel to the region during this nationwide voters registration.

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During a recent press conference in Aflao, Director of the Danquah Institute on which the NPP is firmly grounded stated through Dr Richard Ahiagbah that the NDC is only seeking to incite the people of the region against the NPP with this stereotype propaganda.

In their view, the NDC wants to score cheap political by painting the picture that the NPP wants to disenfranchise the Ewes who are known be aligned to the NDC according to our political history.

‘The promoters and beneficiaries of this corrupt politics, the NDC, are purveyors of reverse bigotry, and they must be roundly condemned and rejected. Let me state for the avoidance of doubt that Ewes are Ghanaians, and it is not up for debate, negotiation, or interpretation whatsoever. This is a definite truth,’ Mr Richard Ahiagba said during the press conference.


Moreover Mr Ahiagba implored the people of the Volta Region to discard the idea that this government has deployed military officers to the Volta Region to prevent people from registering to vote. He argued this was a false pretext by the NDC to foment chaos and pursue voter registration illegalities.

‘Anyone who tells you that this government is trying to disenfranchise Ewes, with the military deployment to the region, tell them it is not true, and that the deployment is nationwide to combat the importation of COVID-19,’ he added.

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He concluded by saying: It is disingenuous on the part of Mr Bedzrah, who voted to pass E.I 65 into law, to now come to the Volta Region to chant war and to issue a 24-hour ultimatum to the President to cease the enforcement of the law he passed.”



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