Popular Nigerian executive music producer, Bankulli who has worked with quite a number of American superstar which includes the likes of Kanye West and Beyonce in a recent social media post on Twitter has stated that weed has more negative effects than positive effects.

In his opinion, weed has done more harm than good to people, although he indicated that he doesn’t discriminate between smokers and non-smokers.

He gave an instance when someone’s thoughts were greatly influenced when he took the hard drug.

Here is what he wrote;

“Weed have done more harm than good for some people…. it’s a tough discuss to go into because of emotions and addictive nature it comes with I just witnessed someone took a stupid decision about his dream because he is hallucinating or rather negative feelings from smoking WEED


I don’t discriminate people that smoke Weed .. it surely does more harm than good to some people way of making decisions and living life .., as it slows a lot so it speeds up hallucinations in others ..

So many reasons I have been told about what it does yes I heard of medical marijuana and all different colors and tastes … I always fear for both long and short term effects of it .




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