Shay Gang boss, Wendy Shay is not happy that despite her hard work in the industry most, she’s not given enough credit as she should.


The singer took to her Twitter platform to talk about the fact that people attribute her prowess to a faceless songwriter which is something she’s not happy about and subsequently asked who peddle such propaganda to wake up.

She lamented on social media that almost every artiste in Ghana has a songwriter but nobody cares who writes for them yet anytime she drops a banger, people start pinning her success to other people who don’t even exist.

She said; “Almost every female artiste in Ghana has a songwriter but nobody really cares who writes for them But anytime Wendy Shay drops a Heat Song they want to credit everything to the So Called songwriter Ghana wake up!”

Meanwhile, legendary sound engineer Hammer has apologized to Wendy Shay for being one of the people who suggested that she has a ghostwriter responsible for her hit songs.

He wrote: Miss @wendyshayofficial I’m so sorry for disrespecting your efforts by suggesting your song was probably written by Bullet. I was totally out of line and it wasn’t my place to say something like that without proof on such a large platform like @nkonkonsa. I totally apologize to u and your outfit for the loose talk. Big up and Keep on soaring Lil sis.

Big up and Keep on soaring Lil sis.



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