This happens all the time— we have heard stories or seen one celebrity having s3x with someone just to become even more famous.

The worship and somewhat blind faith in s3x selling and making people famous have led to the world getting involved in obscenities just get to the top.

Sadly such demented fame last as swift as they came and soon, we remember nothing or whatever of the person who resorted to that.

Songstress Eazzy has mentioned that she would never in her lifetime ride on such stunt. In an interview, she said:

“I haven’t personally faced those challenges. I think that coming up with management from the start helped so people didn’t have a personal relationship with me or access with me to be able to ……”

“But it comes with how much you respect yourself as a woman and how you put your brand”, advising women to stand up for themselves and be staunch with their decisions in order not to be taken for granted.

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