Comedian Funny Face has hurled insults on Fadda Dickson for bailing out on him despite knowing him very well after his baby mama lied to him.


Funny Face is going through a lot and seems so depressed right now but it appears the people he expected to be there for him always are bailing out on him hence has taken to social media to rain insult on all of them for leaving him in his trying hour.

Today’s insult seems to be directed at Fadda Dickson the most for listening to the lies of his baby mama Vanessa and her mother and then bailing out on him refusing to help him when he had an accident and called him for support.

According to Funny Face, Fadda Dickson would have been to his funeral and donate a huge amount of money because everyone knows they are very close if he had died in that accident but then bailed out on him because of his baby mama.

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Funny Face also insulted his very good friend Adebayo for unfollowing him on Instagram despite the fact that he has given him chance and been with him for 11yrs but decided to unfollow him now and he also insulted Bola Ray for sacking him from Kasapa FM despite knowing him.

Funny Face seems to be so hurt with these little things that we guess Fadda Dickson, Adebayor, and Borla Ray thought it will help him come back on track and now he’s raining insult on all of them for leaving him in the middle of his misery.

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