Popular Nigerian female Disc Jockey, DJ Cuppy, has finally opened up on her private life regarding matters that pertain to her love life.

Born Florence Otedola, DJ Cuppy has subtly revealed why at age 26 she is still single.

In a post she made on her vlog, she indicated that she made some mistakes which could be responsible for her being single.

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However, she was of the view that though she made the mistakes that cost her so dearly, she has learned from it has grown to become better than she used to be.


“At 26 I am very proud but I have definitely made a few mistakes . I feel like we mustn’ t be afraid to make a few mistakes , especially with relationships because it helps us grow ” She said.

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    • Khalifa Baiden Reply

      PLEASE please please please please please please please please please please please
      Forget everything please and let start everything new relationship or marriage
      This is my what’sup number
      Facebook account Wizkhalifa Baiden same as instagram and Snapchat

  1. I will marry you, stop crying my DJ Cuppy… Am still 21 years old and I’m going to love you always…. ❤❤

    • Oga go and sleep joor
      Did she looks like someone who is looking for a guy to love her
      Oga have sense 🙄

    • Rachael davies Reply

      Why won’t you na? When she’s the daughter of femi otedola. I support my people, go and sleep joor! Mtcheeew. The dreamers shall always dream.

  2. Okonkwo Richard Reply

    The key to covid-19 is Matthew 6:33 don’t take it common for the word of God work by faith not by site

  3. adedayo emmanuel Reply

    dear dj cuppy, mistakes are bound to happen in life is for one to make neccesarry and positive correction that wil change ones life for better. is better late than never, marriage is an instutition not an achievement. so take ur time never rush into marriage, ur time shall surely come and u shall laugh last.

  4. You are still 26 its never too late please take ur time don’t rush it

  5. Michael michael Reply

    Very soon bobrisky will be killed. And, every bad spirit like that and where they come from will be destroyed.

  6. Hassan sedi Reply

    Ini Edo,almight GOD will continue to bless you,as bless people,Almight GOD bless you more.

    • God will provide a good husband…….. Florence….love u little sis……..big sister cares…..I love u …… how is mummy and femi otedola

  7. Hassan sedi Reply

    Dear,dj cuppy,be patient GOD time is the best,always pray for the right husband,no matter the size or age.

  8. Olamide Prince savour Reply

    Dj Cuppy seed of Beauty it’s well soon it will be over GOD Time is d Best ok let talk 08060482210

    • Rachael davies Reply

      😂😂😂😂 in your dry mind she’ll contact you? I’m 75% sure she doesn’t even know that this article exist. Much less your comment. But sha miracles do happen. I mean, Sarah did have a son after 99 Years na. I pray for your case. Good luck on your 99 years wait.😂😂

    • My dear Cuppy don’t let age bother you, God will settle you soon all you need to do is give someone a chance. Am 29 and not worried cos I Know very soon I will be addressed as Mrs because I decided to give one of my suitors chance.

      • Dear DJ Cuppy daughter of Zion follow your heart find a personal relationship with God and he will surely grant your heart desire . Flow with wisdom darling just like your name Florence. Remain blessed.

  9. Dj cuppy,so sorry for the shit you are going through, everything in life happening for a tangible reason, it’s a reason to your life purpose, keep calm’ the wright person will come.if you don’t mind am from poor background, am gonna make you happy, you can chat me up 07053393686

  10. Dj Cuppy, Good Evening
    Friends are an important part of life. If you’ve got someone who connects with you on more levels than one, who understands your unuttered thoughts, who is there when no one else is, then you’re blessed. Such people ought to be celebrated at every opportunity. You should hold them close and never let them go. All am trying 2 say,
    God will bless u with a better man,
    Don’t mind all this people saying heartfelt condolence 2 u, all they want is ur number,
    And bcos ur dad is very rich, just b4 careful and hold onto God he will surely find a better man 4 u, not some one who is after ur money or bcos u are famous, bye nd take care

    • People should leave Davido alone,he is doing well, they should allow him to face his private life, peddling rumours against him is evil,07030068467

    • Yes dear Endurance is right be prayerful don’t listen to people or friends that take advantage of others be prayerful the right man will locate you in Jesus mighty name stay focus my Queen.

  11. Peter Simon Reply

    Hmm… Dj Cuppy such is the irony of life, bt all things work together for them who believes In God.
    U just gat cheer up and believe in God’s timing, and mind u a mistake can only b called a mistake when it is reapeted twice. Take ur time!
    Moreover the true cause of things like is Pride, just humble yourself because d right one meant for you might be a poor fellow..
    Celebrate u.

  12. I feel rejected when am to propose to someone who usually dress like she is in a rich family so to me i feel she won’t accept me and so i will just skip it.So my advis to ma lovely dj many people love u but they fear to just speak out.

  13. cuppy ppul mak mistakes but dont give up on urself u will someone dat will love u(am a fan)love u cuppy ……kisses

  14. Dominic OGB Reply

    Cuppy dear am jst intrested in u what i mean is that am upsexed with u any time i see u

  15. confidence akpan Reply

    dj cuppy stop insinuating on that
    God’s time is the best

  16. Cuppy you have no choice than to move on cus thats how we correct those mistakes

  17. Emmanuel Obekpa Reply

    Cuppy look around very well God is always giving you a sign try and be observant and you don’t have issue at all just be on the lookout

  18. She’s cute n sarcastic we all make mistakes but thanks she learns her lessons pls go go !!!
    we love you

  19. Please i can be all you want DJ, i promise to be humble to you in all level

  20. Dj Cuppy,dont worry everything happen for a reason so take heart God will surley open a way for you and he knows better and what is good for his people.thanks for giving me the chance to text to you,if you need more you can contact me 08163352046 Thanks

  21. MartinVal Brymo Reply

    It’s never been late just pray and be focused,u will definitely find one

  22. God will provide a good husband…….. Florence….love u little sis……..big sister cares…..I love u …… how is mummy and femi otedola

  23. Jerome Osmond Alo Reply

    Dj cuppy stop crying God time is the best take heart but if you are interest to be inlove now call me on this line 07089482206 i loves you so much.

  24. Abigail Angel Ariemugbor Reply

    I think u are still making the same mistake bro shaggi is there for you but you are ignoring him looking so hard for Anthony Joshua who is not ready for you better correct the mistake now or remain in your father house rich and lonely.

  25. Itz wascapele Reply

    Just stop crying god time is d best for u,no mater ur age u will have someone dat will tak care of u okkk all u need to do now is to give broder shaggi chance

  26. Daniel Michael wusu Reply

    Mistakes are for man , so nobody should actually be blamed for mistakes made once … just the meaning of life


  28. Godwin D Pounds Reply

    Please Dj cuppy you will fine your life partner I know that the patience dog eat the fatest bone …….I don’t really know the mistake you make but I really want to know I know you are shame to tell but you can text me on Whatsapp right (08129241610)
    I’m expecting your text you are not too big to text me please do it …….

  29. Friday eshiet Reply

    DJ cuppy,,,I like the courage n the fact that u admitted n u also learned from ur mistake,in each day of ur existence in life u learn more n also understand how works,,,don’t worry god will visit u sooner than u expected,,, god bless

  30. Abayomi olamilekan Reply

    I will like to marry to ask my wife if don’t mind can will exchange cell number .. Thats my own cell number +2348149209143

  31. Pls dj cuppy I have been dying for ur vibes for since I knew about u pls am 18 pls can you just do anything for me as a fan at 18
    Please 09047515357

  32. You are becoming wiser and stronger by the passing of each day. We learn everyday because life is a teacher. Sorry. Pele. 08064495220 for more counselling.

  33. Amperp Praise Reply

    Dj Cuppy, it’s not too late for you.
    At the appointed time the appointed one for you will definitely come.
    Most times we experience some issues and should learn from our mistakes in order to avoid similar issues in future.

  34. Nobody is above mistakes, make your supplication to “GOD” not man, because man will mock you but “GOD” will solve it for you.

  35. Jonah Gideon Reply

    Dj cuppy I really love you from my heart, and I promise to love you more and cherish you more with each day that passes, I’m not saying this because you have money or your parents has money but I’m saying this because I really love you, so all I want from you is your chance to prove my love for you, my number is 09020391383, please ,call me so that we can talk I’m Jonah Gideon by name, study at Nigerian army university biu , from departments of criminology and security studies. Thank you God bless you more.

  36. Abdulrazak Reply

    No man or woman, is above mistakes,
    Just that we do some mistake to be wish and grow up, so any mistake from god is a blessing…

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